3,440 Miles Apart – Briefly Together.

July 29, 2016 

3,440 Miles Apart

Briefly Together

I last wrote about the first week that Peter and I spent physically together after online dating for a year without having actually ever met. If you haven’t read the beginning of our story, you should really check it out.


Although Going the distance part 3 was wrote and published last month, it happened several years ago now. We’re still together, and we’re still primarily long distance. He is still in Canada, and I’m still in the UK. On the 3rd of August we will celebrate our six years together, but not together. That’s six long years of long distance, irregular meetings, Skype calling, webcams and the occasional shitty internet experience. But, more than that – that’s six years of him putting up with my shit, good job him. I’m honestly surprised he’s stuck around for so long 😀

I’m not going to sit here and say that those years weren’t hard, because my God they were and they’ll continue to be. It’ll be a minimum of three years before we have plans to close the distance for good. Until then we’ll continue our journey together in a less than conventional way.

Sadly, we won’t physically be together on our anniversary, but we were just together! He was here on the 16th of July for a week and we exchanged our gifts then since we wouldn’t be together on August 3rd.


I like to be a bit random when it comes to gifting, he got an assortment of random presents where the reaction ranged from “Thanks so much Babe” to “What the actual fuck?” – I suck at gift giving and I spend an incredibly long time trying to attain the perfect card, one that says “Yeah OK, I guess I love you” and this year, I managed to find a card that expressed just how much that love is without making me want to vomit.

Love With Your Arse

Love With Your Arse

And this is what did it – this is how I expressed our six-year love, arse related humour which is funny because my arse is both literally and probably metaphorically bigger than my heart (not really -maybe- could be). This is how I express my love; Peter however expresses it a little different.


Over these years, it’s been no surprise that Peter wanted to ‘wife’ me. He’s spent years threatening me with a proposal. He knows that I’m what people sometimes refer to as a ‘runner’ – I panic and leave when I’m surprised with most forms of settling down talk. Because of this, his way seemed to be to ‘ease’ me into it, so to speak. He’d call me wife and I’d remind him that steps need to be taken before a wifing can occur. He also warned me that if everything went the way he expected it to with work than he will more than likely ask me to marry him in December. That was his way of letting me know that I should panic now and process the information, so that if he does ask me in December I don’t say no and run away.

So on July 16th Peter and I were laying on the bed – being utterly repulsive, with lots of cuddles and kisses. I mean, it had been 9 months (ish) since we were last physically together, nauseating stuff is to be expected. During our cuddles Peter said “I’ve missed you my wife” to which I replied “How many times do I have to tell you that one does not just go from GF to wife, there is a process, steps need to be taken – do you not understand English or something?”. He then gave me a cheesy grin, and retorted with “OK Let’s start taking those steps *Pulls out ring* Star, will you marry me?”.

I’d clearly walked in to that one.

Well, I mentioned earlier that I’m prone to a little panic right? I replied with “What… Wait… IT’S NOT DECEMBER, You know it’s not December right? IT’S JULY”. “Of course I know it’s not bloody December! Really?! You haven’t even answered me! Will you?”

Well… after the initial fail I said Yes.


Let’s face it. He did an amazing job with the ring.


Looking back, I actually love the way he proposed (even if he did set me up). It wasn’t in public or around people – I’d hate that. And he didn’t get down on one knee. It was perfect for me.

We’re still 3,440 miles apart. But somehow, that distance feels closer.


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Congrats on your engagement how exciting!!!
Have LOVED reading this series can’t wait for the next chapter!

Congrats on your engagement! 😀
This series was AWESOME can’t wait for the next chapter!

This is absolutely beautiful u.u I’m so so so so happy for the both of you! And that ring is soooo pretty! And that card is just priceless. GAAAHH! I’m just super duper happy! Can’t wait to see what’s next! And to see the wedding!!!! =D =D =D

    haha! Awh bless you hun!

    Thank you 😀

    Well ~ You should be seeing the wedding up front and personal, I hope you and the OH can make it. xx

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