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Orgasms center me, I need them to de-stress and wind down.

IMG_1391For years I’ve been using sex toys. It never used to be that way. I was one of those, “Why have a sex toy, I have my hand – it’s free.” Or “Ha, really, what is the point? An orgasm is an orgasm regardless of what provided it.” And my favourite yet now most loathed “What on earth do I need a sex toy for? I have a partner.” Needless to say, I wasn’t very in-tune with my body, or with myself. My views were so very, very wrong.

I owned my very first sex toy at the age of 18, it was a rabbit style toy that was gifted to me from a friend. I remember it well, the shape, the sound and the smell. It did absolutely nothing for me. I felt deflated, my friends raved about this contraption, they of course thought it was great. So clearly the toy wasn’t the problem. The problem had to have been me. So sure that the problem lay with me and not the toy itself, I didn’t bother to get another one, to me they were all the same; and I was clearly defective.

I didn’t get another sex toy until several years later.  I realised that my experience with my first toy wasn’t that the problem was me, it was that that particular toy didn’t fit me. It wasn’t what I needed from a sex toy. I also realised that the way I thought about things was so wrong, it doesn’t matter if I was in a relationship or that I have a working hand and, really, there are complete differences in orgasms.

Sex toys are now a huge part of my life. I use them daily. I’m in a Long Distance Relationship and have been for 5 years. When people think of you using sex toys with their partner, they think of using them when they’re physically together, this isn’t always how I use toys with my partner. Sex toys are our sex life when we’re not physically together, they’ve helped us maintain a sexual intimacy even when we’re 3,454 miles apart.

That’s why I’m here, this is why I blog about sex toys. I want to help people realise that sex toys aren’t sordid, they’re not only for single people; and that in relationships, especially LDRs they can be an essential tool, an addition, a way to achieve something more. I want to eradicate those stupid reasons for not having toys that Past Me used to think and realise that sex and sex toys can have a huge impact within our lives; and I want people to know that just because something does not work for them, they’re NOT weird or broken. We’re all different, we all react differently to different things, and that’s what makes us who we are.

So enjoy yourself, enjoy your orgasms and go fuck yourselves in the best possible way.

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