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August 15, 2016 

When I tested the We-Vibe App, it was a bit hit and miss. It seemed a lot less complicated when I set up my We-Vibe 4 Plus.

I had the lovely NaughtyReenie road test the app with me. While I love the ability to use LDR compatible toys with my partner, all the fun is taken out of it when testing apps comes in to play. So Reenie usually helps me road test apps, find any bugs with it and see how user friendly the initial set up is. Once that’s all done and out of the way, I can then just tell my OH how to set it up and within minutes we can do the fun part of the testing.

For some reason I wasn’t able to screen-shot any of the We-Vibe App; for privacy concerns it seems Android, or We-Vibe, have an issue with Android phones taking screen-shots of this particular application. But iOS phones don’t have any issues taking screen shots of the We-Vibe App – which I thought was rather odd. Thankfully, Reenie has an iPhone and agreed not only to help me test this, but to also take the screen shots that I required too. Thanks, hun!

Connecting to my partner ended up being more complicated than it needed to be. The one thing that was a lot easier than with my We-Vibe 4 Plus set up, was that registering your product is optional. This was fantastic, since my heart had initially sunk when I realised I’d thrown the box away for the Nova and that I might need it to set up the We-Vibe App. I had also tried to put in the serial code for the Rave, instead, which the app wouldn’t recognise. It took a few minutes, but when I found the Skip button that I had failed to notice earlier, I began pairing the device with no further problems. The pairing phase was then seriously easy and, within seconds, Reenie was able to control my vibrator like a pro. Well, after she found me that is.

OK – So I wish the We-Vibe App had the option to create usernames and a search function facility, instead of having to email the request. Please fix this We-Vibe.

One of the things that both Reenie and I detested about this application was the cringy term ‘lover’. We both found it incredibly annoying. I have no idea why it says ‘lover’ for everything.

Picture 5 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 2 Picture 1

I did really like how it distinguishes between the dual motored toys and the single ones. It makes it much less confusing when in use. Using the various vibration patterns is also incredibly easy. The top graph-like bar displays the vibrations for the external motor, while the bottom bar displays the vibrations for the internal motor.

Mode Testing 1 Mode Testing 2 Mode Testing 3 Mode Testing 4 Mode Testing 5 Mode Testing

You can also create your own patterns, which you can save for later use – or delete. I must say that Reenie had quite a lot of fun creating her patterns. Although, she did express that she found that the ‘pencil’ doesn’t move with the grace of her fingers, and she found parts of it very annoying and somewhat laggy. When she later tried to delete the pattern that she made, it took a lot longer than expected.

To delete your created vibrational pattern, you click on the menu button – which is shown as three lines – then go to My Vibes, click on the ‘pencil’ and then the garbage can, and then confirm that you want to delete the vibe.

Create Your Own Vibe Create Your Own Vibe 1 Create Your Own Vibe 2

Another function of the We-Vibe is the chat function facility. This is something that I generally don’t use, ever. When my partner and I have phone sex, we never use these kinds of applications. It’s mostly done either over the actual phone (although not for a long time, now) or over Skype – which is our preferred voice application. Due to this, Reenie and I tested out the various chat functions.

We were able to type to each other quite smoothly and the messages were sent/received pretty much instantly. Which is great. The problem itself came with sending pictures. Now, I apologise for the darkness of my pictures; as I mentioned earlier I wasn’t able to take screen shots of this app, and trying to taking a picture of my phone just wasn’t working well, but you should be able to see the general idea. I sent my ‘promised’ picture to Reenie, however, she never received it. *Sad* She also sent me a picture of her ‘hot dog’, which was never received, this made Pikachar quite sad.

Chat Function 1 Chat Function 2 Chat Function 3 Chat Function 5Chat Function 4Chat Function 6

We then had a look at the voice chat options of the application and the video chat. I was, actually, incredibly impressed with these, although they do need some improvement. The call quality was great; the sound was clear and there didn’t seem to be any lag. The problem was that the phone didn’t ring at all. The only way you knew your partner  – or, as We-Vibe insists, your ‘lover’ – is calling is if you were looking at the phone. Also, if you have your phone locked, it doesn’t notify you of the ringing at all. I imagine this would be incredibly annoying if your partner is controlling your vibe. You’d be too busy enjoying yourself and not looking at your phone, and if they decided to give you a call on the app, there’d be no way of knowing unless happened to be staring at it. And this was the same for video calling. But, besides that, I was also incredibly impressed with the video calling. There was, again, no lag and the camera was pretty damn clear. Pikachar and Monkey had a delightful We-Vibe App calling experience.

Voice Call Voice call cam

Overall, I do like the app. Yes, I really wish that emails didn’t need to be sent; it could be done much quicker with a username and search function. The phone really should ring, or at least vibrate, when the other person is trying to call you. The chat function needs to be looked at too, I mean, I was devastated that I couldn’t see Reenie’s hotdog getting frisky. And, finally, there’s the cringe worthy use of the term ‘lover’ – this really, really needs to go. But, other than that, I actually had a lot of fun playing around with the application and Reenie enjoyed vibrating my boob while I was writing notes. It’s a work in progress, it’s A LOT better than when I first looked at it with the We-Vibe 4 Plus which is great.



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